CLIMATE JUSTICE... about attacking climate change in an equitable way. With DSNY composting services suspended and all alternatives requiring time and energy, not all NYC residents have the resources to compost. Explore the steps below to see what else you can do to reduce the impacts of food waste on climate change.
Take Action


Contact NY state and NYC government officials to advocate for an early resumption of DSNY composting services.

Sample Scripts

These scripts provide ready to use examples of the emails to write and what to say in phone calls to the government reps.
Phone Script
Email Script

Officials to Contact

Any and all of the below officials are relevant offices to contact about DSNY compost service resumption.
Gov Cuomo
Mayor de Blasio
DSNY Office


These local organizations are working to keep composting alive during the lapse in services from the city government. Donations are crucial to keeping them running.


Learn more about the impacts food waste has on our environment and the acceleration of climate change. And get your friends, family, and office to start composting their food waste.
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