ROTTING WELL... a city by city composting guide for large metropolitan areas in the US that don’t have municipal composting services. Our first composting guide is this website for New York City.
Please reach out to if you think your city is in need of a Rotting Well composting guide.
Research, Design, and Dev
Alex Koehl for his 2021 BFA Communication Design Capstone Project at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis

Typefaces in Use
Tiny By Jack Halten Fahnstock with  Velvetyne Type Foundry
Epilogue By Tyler Finck with Etcetera Type Co.

Thank you to...
My Fellow 2021 Communication Designers
For your constant work as my support network—in our coursework and beyond.
Jonathan Hanahan
For your help and guidance throughout senior year and throughout this project.
Will Bates, Molly Needelman, and Aaron Zemach
For sharing your time, energy, and experiences with the class of 2021.